Our phone bags are made with soft suede leather and embellished with our signature hand-cut fringe, beads & tassels with many playful details.
They are light and just the perfect size to fit your phone with a few other essentials. 


Hippi Phone Bag


    without the fringe, the bag is 18cm x 11cm (7”x4.5”)  

    The body, fringes, and strap are made with genuine suede leather.

    The bag features one compartment that is big enough to fit any smartphone, as well as a few other small items. There is one small pocket on the inside. It closes with a magnetic snap.

    The beads and tassels on the sides are detachable.

    The bag has a leather strap that is on one side attached firmly with a metal clip and on the other side we always leave an option to adjust the length and cut off the excess leather. ( You can also let us know how long would you like your strap to be and we can adjust the size for you, and attach it the same way as on the other side - with the metal clip. )