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Eze fringe bag & The Cacti Heaven

As you already know - since we never stop repeating it - we LOVE summer. Not only because of the obvious reasons, (such as flip-flops, and iced-coffees) but also because it is our busiest season - which means more fun campaigns, lot's of new creations and countless trips to the post office with the windows rolled down and the radio blasting our favorites.

It is also the season when we get to meet so many of you, whether it is in person, in our local boho pop-up stores and festivals or simply talking to you online.

Overall this summer was the best one yet. It was so great that we decided it needs a celebration - for everyone!

As a thank you for being such a supportive and amazing part of our family, we will be holding a goodbye-summer welcome-fall GIVEAWAY. Look out for the announcement on our Instagram soon! We have a few beautiful things ready for you.

We also decided to reward ourselves and take a short trip to the sunny French Riviera.

After 12 hours in the car, passing through Austria and Italy, we finally saw the sun-blasted water and the familiar salty-scented air filled our noses.

We absolutely loved every single part of it, but there was one particular place we would like to share with you and highly recommend to include in your must-see destinations.

Located right next to to Monaco, the small Village of Eze was the place that stole our hearts forever.

This mediaeval village, situated on the top of a hill overlooking the Mediterranean sea is full of history-breathing narrow streets that are lined with the traditional perfumeries and small craftsmen’s studios.

Passing through this heaven for the romantic bohemian soul, you end up in the spectacular exotic garden of Eze in the ruins of the mediaeval fortress. Situated on the very top of the rocky peak this place offers the most breathtaking views.

In fact we were so touched by this place that we decided to name our most popular summer '18 piece after it.

Take a look at our favorite pics of Eze village & Eze fringe bag here.

Xo, AB.

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The bag! Is it leather?


Beautiful! Thank you for the nice tip <3


This is place is gorgeous girls! I am putting it on my bucket list for next summer - as I am going to France and Spain. Can't wait to show off my Alisobay handbag there too!

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