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Being a small brand involves a fair share of challenges when it comes to sourcing materials responsibly. The competitiveness of the industry puts a lot of pressure on the pricing, which often involves closing one or both eyes when sourcing materials and providing a fair working environment.

We are proud to say that over the past two years we have managed to establish many sustainable practices, allowing us - and our customers - to join the responsible fashion movement. Here are a few facts that to know about our bags:


The majority of our purses are made with vegan materials such as faux suede leather and faux fur. Almost all items that do include genuine leather or rabbit fur are made with materials that are a byproduct of the edible food industry. 


Due to the character of our purses, we are able to utilize these materials almost entirely, with minimal waste. Apart from leather we also up-cycle materials like denim and cotton to create embellishments that make our purses so unique.

Our great passion and a fast-growing project is collecting materials on our travels around the world and in this way collaborate with talented local artists. At the moment, our purses feature some stunning pieces of fabric from Turkey and Spain, embellishments from Oman and beautiful handmade beads from Bohemia.



In order to support a conscious approach to fashion, we create our purses either as ONE-OF-A-KIND or in COLLECTIONS that are pre-order.  By offering limited quantities and pre-orders, we try to take a more mindful approach which helps to avoid adding to the excess waste of the fashion industry. Moreover, all our purses are handmade and require only minimal use of machines which keeps our energy consumption low. 

As all our purses are being created in our studio here in Slovakia, we ensure a fair, friendly and fun working environment.

This journey for us as a company, but also as individuals is long and requires constant re-evaluation and search for sustainable practices and materials that we can further integrate into our designs. There is still a lot of space to grow and we can't wait to bring you more news along the way.

Thank you for supporting us and joining us on our journey!

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