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Dive into a world of whimsy and color with our handcrafted Maeve Leather Bag.


This bag is the epitome of playful extravagance, a delightful creation that combines a burst of textures and elements. It's not just a bag; it's an adventure in style that's perfect for all your boho-chic moments.


Materials and Craftsmanship
Made with love and high-quality cow leather, the Maeve Leather is not your ordinary accessory. Its suede leather body is adorned with a captivating medley of beads, tassels, mixed fabrics, and statement jewelry, ensuring every day feels like a festive celebration.


A Kaleidoscope of Style
This unique piece is a testament to the joy of self-expression. Wooden and metallic beads, mixed fabrics, and feathers create a vibrant tapestry of textures that promise to brighten your day. The polyester lining combines style and functionality in a delightful way.


Dimensions and Versatility
Measuring 36cm x 25cm (14”x10”), the fringe playfully drapes approximately 5 cm (2") below the body of the purse, making it a focal point of fun and flair. The adjustable strap lets you switch between short and long, across the body or over the shoulder, so you can customize your look with ease.


Practicality with a Twist
With a secure zipper closure and two easily detachable tassels on each side, this bag keeps your essentials safe while adding a touch of customization. Inside, you'll find two pockets that help you stay organized while maintaining the whimsical vibe.


Embrace the whimsical charm of the Maeve Leather Bag. It's not just a bag; it's a delightful journey into the world of color, texture, and endless possibilities. Get ready to make every day a playful and colorful adventure!

Maeve Leather Bag

  • Main material: suede 

    Adornments: jewelry, beads (wooden, metallic), mixed fabrics, cotton, feathers, leather 

    Measurements: 36cm x 28cm (14”x11”), the fringe ends approx. 5 cm (2") below the body of the purse 

    Closure: zipper

    Strap length: adjustable - can be worn both cross body or as a shoulder bag

    Pockets: Several compartments with two small pockets and two bigger pockets inside the purse that close with a zipper