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How To Style Boho In Winter

If you follow our Instagram stories, you know we have been busy preparing the upcoming autumn/winter collection. And we have to say, this must be our favorite yet. Our team had an amazing time every single step of the way – from designing, picking the materials, through brainstorming the styling and putting together the perfect outfits, all the way to the photoshoot and the launch.

And we hope you will fall in love with AUTUMN GLOW the same way.

With the new collection, we are bringing you some of our favorite looks together with a couple tips on how to style boho in winter.

1. Keep warm with layers

Not only do layered outfits look amazing, but the laws of physics also prove that more thin layers actually keep you warmer in comparison to a single chunky one. Works out pretty well, doesn't it?

So, if you - like us - want to look great while trying to survive the harsh winter temperatures – GO LAYERS.

boho winter styling, layered outfit, bohemian styling

Layering also gives you an opportunity to have fun playing with textures and prints. We bring some more tips on how to master these in the next two sections.

2. Put your own spin on monochrome

If you have been with us for some time, you know we are all about colors, prints, and patterns. But it doesn't mean we can't appreciate a good monochrome outfit.

Au contraire, monochrome is an amazing opportunity to think textures - which opens an entirely new space to experiment in. Put together unexpected combinations. Contrasting sheer or silky materials with heavier ones like corduroy or leather will push your outfit to another dimension.

monochrome boho outfit, how to style boho in winter

Tip: Make sure to include colors from the same color family such as shades of beige, cream, oatmeal etc. or go bolder with browns, rusty red and orange color tones that go together perfectly.

3. Have fun mixing prints

It is a perfect opportunity to put your own spin on any outfit. The possibilities are endless, and we don't want to be telling you what to do or not to do. If you are confident and like to experiment, you should go your own wild!

But if you are seeking advice, we have two tips that can help you feel more comfortable to progressively unleash your creativity.

a. Use color to marry the prints

Boho style is generally connected with bolder patterns such as paisley and florals. But this rule applies everywhere. When combining prints always look for the base color, the print that the pattern is on. This color should repeat throughout the various prints and unify your outfit.

b. Contrast print sizes

Going head to toe with big flowers might be a little overwhelming. Rather, bet on contrast - larger prints go really well with the smaller ones. Feel free to combine two different floral patterns or a floral with paisley.

how to mix prints, leather fringe bag

Tip: This also works for any pieces in your wardrobe that are multicolored. When styling our purses - for instance, we like to take one color from the purse – and pick it up in a pair of shoes or a coat in the winter time.

4. Accessorize wisely

We all know that accessories are the key to the true boho look.

Personally, I find myself not wearing much jewelry in the winter time, especially when it comes to big rings and bangles, as they don't feel comfortable with all the layers. Which is why my go-to jewelry for the cold season are necklaces. If I don't feel like a big statement piece, I simply combine more of the smaller pieces together.

Hats and bags are another great way to add the perfect finish to any outfit. And so is the belt, it can add the perfect silhouette to a winter maxi dress.

5. Fringe it up

Very obviously - we love fringe. It simply adds that fun dimension to your outfit. You can feel and hear it; it moves with you and your pace. It casts a boho spell to any outfit, especially when talking suede materials. In the autumn, it often is a light fringed jacket and in the winter time boots with a proper portion of fringes on the sides.

And of course – fringe bags are perfect all year long.

fringe outfit, monochrome outfit, how to style boho in winter

6. Add the statement piece

Last but not least - pick the one statement piece which so significant that it dictates the feel of your entire outfit.

It can be anything that makes you feel comfortable, confident and feels like you. Our go-to statement pieces for autumn/winter are jackets, bags, and over the knee boots.

These are our favorite tips on how to style boho in the autumn and winter time. If you want to see more inspiration, pop in on our Pinterest board BOHO WINTER.

And of course, we would also love to hear from you! Tell us what is your go-to piece for this season.

Xo, AB Team

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Mar 14

I love this concept, it's beautiful, inspiring!


I'm loving my new coat!! It's the most beautiful thing I own!


Hi! I love these tips, thank you! However, I don't know if it's just me - but I don't feel very comfortable wearing many layers. I usually just grab my puffy vintage coat and I am never cold! ;))


Dec 21, 2018


Thank you 🙂 it means a lot!


The blue coat is just..WOW!!! I lovee your work !!!

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