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The must-have fall accessories Giveaway!

Yes, it's finally here! Our fall giveaway full of the must-have fall accessories from all around the world!

must-have fall accessories boho
This beauty is heading to one of the winners of our must-have fall accessories Giveaway!

As we mentioned in our previous post, this summer season deserves a big celebration. Which is why we decided to run a Fall Giveaway, and give you a chance to win this fall-inspired retro piece.

And to bring you even more goodies, we decided to partner up with the girls from Bingley Park their dreamy Room504 jewelry.

So what is up for grabs?

Room 504 matched our retro vibe with an pair of statement earrings and a gorgeous silver necklace with Jasper stone - the must-have fall accessories.

Head to our Instagram for more information on how to enter and get a chance to step up your retro game in fall 2019.

A little something about our partner in crime:

I met Tascha, the heart and soul behind the Room504 jewelry on my travels around Asia couple years back. Tascha is originally from Port Elizabeth in South Africa, where she specialized in jewelry design and vintage interior styling. She left her home a long time ago to travel the world and gather inspiration for her gorgeous creations.

Her style is simple, yet enticing and from my personal experience also an instant compliment magnet. When strolling through her Instagram couple days ago, I saw her latest fall collection,

and I thought to myself - these would go perfect with our retro style purse we selected for the Fall Giveaway!. So I contacted her and the rest is the history....

In case you would like to learn more about Tascha and her work - stop by at her website Bingley Park. She is currently working on some amazing projects that are definitely worth to check out.

Watch our stories next week for the fall giveaway kick-off!

Xo, AB

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2 comentarios

I love all her jewellery so much!I think it looks very nice with Aliso bags !



Me gusta

I just ordered the ring yay! Can't wait!!

Me gusta
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