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What would you do if you weren't scared?

Greeting from Salalah, Oman!

I can't believe that up until 3 years ago, I had never set foot outside of Europe! It just always felt familiar and comfortable where I was and I didn't feel the urge to change anything.

When I was getting on that first plane, I was alone, terrified of flying and I spoke only very limited English. I was sure I'll never get to my final destination - where my daughter was waiting to pick me up.

But it was her graduation and I simply couldn't miss it! So I boarded the plane, made it across the world - and to my surprise, ended up having the time of my life! What was my greatest fear quickly turned into one of my greatest passions - I have visited so many amazing places since then and I don't intend to stop anytime soon.

What's more important, it gave me the courage to get out of my comfort zone and do things I've always kept putting off.

Showing my creations to the world and creating AlisoBay was one of them.

And the dream - I never even knew I had - came true.

What would you do if you weren't scared?

It really is never too late to face your fears and follow your passions.

And if you are not sure what those are yet, it's ok. Just start small, pick a small challenge every day and do your best to overcome it.

Because when you do, the feeling of empowerment you get every time, will eventually give you the confidence to identify and pursue your dreams.

So what would you do if you weren't scared?

Xo, Ala

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6 comentarios

I love that bag!

Me gusta

Girls thank you so much! I am planning to go to Turkey hopefully this month with Michaela! Anyone to join us? :)

Me gusta

This is so inspiring! I am going through a big transfirmatran myself right now and I can relate to everything you are saying here. It's always nice to know I am not alone in this. Thank you darling! :))

Me gusta

Beautiful country! Where are you going next?

Me gusta

Beautiful photos! Where are you going next!

Me gusta
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